Want to make your chocolate fountain the talk of the night?

Spice up your chocolate fountain rental with a bouquet/artful fruit design. In addition to our delectable fountains, we can add class and ambiance to your party with one of our hand designed fruit and flower displays right next to your chocolate fountain display. Our fruit/flower display will leave guests in awe as they bask in the aroma filled rich chocolate and your masterfully designed desert table.

The bouquet/fruit design is perfect for luxurious and high end parties which demand nothing but the best. We will use any flower or fruit of your choice and create a beautiful display for all your guests. The bouquet/artful design is perfect for weddings, birthday’s, holiday parties and any party that you want to make stand out.

We make use of any combination of fruit and flower to match the style, theme or décor of your party. For example, if you are having a baby shower for a boy, we can create a display which matches the baby’s sex. In this instance one popular option would be blue lilies and blue colored chocolate. Guests love customizing their parties which makes for a very memorable occasion.

We take great pleasure in knowing guests had a great time at your party, which is why we put a great amount of time into the details of your party. We want everyone to be amazed at your chocolate fountain desert table.