hire chocolate fountain los angeles partyThe next time you regret eating your favorite chocolate desert, remember this-chocolate is from a plant that grows naturally, so don’t worry and enjoy your chocolate.

Although chocolate has gotten a bad rap for its potential for weight gain, recent studies have shown the positive benefits of eating high quality chocolate can be beneficial for mood improvement, better blood flow, and increased memory and concentration.

Because of its high caloric count, chocolate has been unfairly labeled as off limits by dieticians who site calories and high sugar content as the reason not to eat it. Recent research studies have proven, that although high in calories, natural chocolate eaten in moderation has the potential to reduce strokes and decrease the chance of getting heart disease. As long as you limit your chocolate consumption, don’t be afraid to enjoy your favorite chocolate.

Not All Chocolate’s are Created Equally

Because almost all chocolates contain some form of additives and fillers, the health industry views eating chocolate as a sin, when in fact natural chocolate is from a plant, much like fruits and vegetables that contain natural sugar.

Real chocolate has many health benefits derived the cocoa plants natural antioxidant content. Where most chocolate is saturated with additional chemical preservatives and fillers, coco rentals uses only the highest grade chocolates derived from the best cocoa sources to give you and your guests the best chocolate fountain rental experience possible.

We want to make chocolate fun again which is why we offer the best tasting natural chocolate for your chocolate fountain rental without worrying about eating unnatural chocolate made from by-products or anything that is hard to pronounce. We offer only real chocolate for the best parties.