The quality of chocolate that you consume is the difference between eating a high quality snack that has antioxidants, flavonoids and other vital key nutrients vs eating a snack that is artificially colored/flavored, and that has added sugar.

Throughout the years, chocolate has been given the hammer by so called health experts that claim that we should stay away from chocolate. Unfortunately, what they forget is real chocolate in its natural form is actually good for you. When eating chocolate, quality makes all the difference. Be sure to choose a chocolate that contains at least 70 percent cocoa without added sugar.


Always choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate. Even the best milk chocolate contains many hidden additives, preservatives and added sugar. As mentioned above 70 percent is the minimum cocoa content for quality chocolate. Be sure to check for added sugars and other unnecessary additives.

Quality Chocolate

  1. Ghiradelli Intense Dark- Comes in a 72% or 86% pure cocoa content.
  2. Lindt- Ranges from 70%-90%.
  3. Godiva- Has a rich tradition of delivering high quality dark chocolate.
  4. Taza- One of the few dark chocolate bars that is organic. Comes in 70%, 72% , 80% and 85% varieties.


Although chocolates that contain added ingredients may taste better, stay away from them. One serving can cost you nearly 80 grams of sugar, 400 calories and a long trip to the rest room. In all seriousness, chocolate is only good in its pure form. Below are the snacks, considered favorites that just don’t meet the quality test.

Low Quality Chocolate -branded as a healthy alternative

  1. Hershey’s Special Dark-High sugar content with minimal cocoa chocolate
  2. Dove Dark Chocolate-So low a cocoa content that dove does not even mention cocoa percentage
  3. Milky Way Midnight- Advertised to the health conscious, but more for the health unconsciousness. Too much sugar, too little dark chocolate
  4. Dark Chocolate M and M’s-Great taste, not so great cocoa content. Dressed as healthy alternative.