Throughout history humans have searched far and wide to find the best tasting sweats and chocolates. Search no more because here is a list of the top 5 chocolates and sweets that have stood the test of time as chosen by our editors.

Enjoy responsibly.

Best Chocolates (1-5)

  1. Mast Brothers Chocolate: On a quest to find the best chocolate, the Mast brothers struck gold as they have delivered a world class combination of high quality chocolate along with various infusions of flavor and various chocolate percentages.
  2. Lindt: Lindt chocolate definitely withstands the test of time as evidenced by their 160 year old tradition. Always staying true to their original pioneering spirit of delivering high quality cocoa beans from the world’s best farmers, Lindt chocolate has a wide ranging variety of chocolate bars to satisfy everyone.
  3. Madécasse: Madécasse’s fine chocolate derives from some of the best cocoa bean sources in the world. Picked at the height of its ripening, the Madécasse chocolate’s has a distinct aroma that very few other companies have. Full of varying options such as caramel and coffee chocolate, you’ll be sure to discover your favorite flavor.
  4. The Grown Up Chocolate Bar: As its name says, here is a chocolate bar even for the adults. This brand has an emphasis on quality without any additives-just pure great tasting dark chocolate.
  5. Hershey’s Chocolate: We couldn’t resist putting this chocolate bar on this list because of the delectable rich and creamy classic chocolate. Although Hersheys is a well known brand, its classic recipe satisfies almost everyone. Will even appeal to those with the glitziest of taste.